Orange County’s Recovery Community Continues to Grow at an Exponential Rate…

Orange County, California, has one of the most prominent recovery communities in the world, and with over 1500 AA meetings per week, it’s no wonder so many people choose Orange County as their new found safe haven. There are thousands of people with long-term sobriety that are readily available to be mentors and examples to those that are currently struggling with addiction.

Whether it’s because awareness of addiction is ever increasing, or the new age of prescription drugs is bringing kids into treatment at a younger age, the young population of Orange County is also growing. With organizations like AOCYPAA (All Orange County Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) overcoming the struggles of addiction is becoming more fun and less of a sentence to boredom. For example, AOCYPAA is hosting a Halloween dance party on October 27th of this year. Clients at PACE Recovery Center have access to this vibrant recovery community.

Not only does Orange County have an unparalleled recovery community, this unique location also has every activity imaginable; from surfing and water sports, to skiing and snowboarding less than an hour away. After a stent of economic turmoil, the economy of Orange County is getting better and the job opportunities are immense. Overall, this is one of the most ideal areas in the world to get sober and with the support and camaraderie of a sober community unlike any other, we are confident that anyone will be pleased with their decision to get sober here.

NAMIWalk Orange County 2012 Great Success


PACE participated in the 2012 NAMIWalk Orange County on Oct 6, 2012, 7:30am in Huntington Beach, CA. The walk was a great success! So far this year the NAMIWalk Orange County has raised $121,682, and donations will be accepted until December 1, 2012.

The NAMI walk is one of the largest and most successful fundraisers for mental health awareness in America. NAMI’s main goal is to ensure that people suffering from mental disorders get the help that they need.

The Men of PACE understand that participating in service work is part of a solid recovery program.

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PACE Recovery Center Is On The Fast Track To Becoming A Nationally Recognized Treatment Center

With the Executive Director and founder, Lenny Segal, leading the charge, PACE’s recovery team is determined to make a name for themselves as one of the top drug and alcohol treatment centers in the County…

Only two weeks after the opening of PACE Recovery Center and the house is already full with a waiting list. We are proud to announce that PACE is now expanding! We are preparing to open another facility so we may help more men who are struggling with addiction and behavioral health issues. Orange County has one of the most prominent recovery communities in the United States – so why is Pace doing so well? Segal simply states: “We continue to offer a sound clinical program based on the principles of a 12 Step Program of recovery and brotherhood of men who are facing similar struggles.” It seems that this gender specific dual diagnosis treatment center utilizes the kind of expertise and hands on approach that will continue to make PACE Recovery Center a leader in the treatment community.

Joanna T. Savarese, Ph.D.

As if the grand opening of this new Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center wasn’t exciting enough, PACE’s staff have been anticipating the arrival of the prestigious Dr. Joanna Savarese to the treatment team. “We are honored to have Dr. Savarese join myself [Executive Director, Lenny Segal] and the treatment team. She will be a great asset to our clients and their families.” Dr. Savarese is a well versed and licensed Clinical Psychologist with an extensive training and expertise in the treatment of parenting, addictive disorders, child development, cognitive disorders, and evidence based cognitive rehabilitation techniques. Dr. Savarese is known for her relaxed demeanor and a highly individualized approach to treating her clients.

The wait list continues to grow, the morale and enthusiasm is high, and the future of PACE seems bright. Surely enough, PACE Recovery Center is on the fast track to becoming a nationally recognized treatment center. “I feel fortunate to have the ability to help men to recover from drug and alcohol problems” says Segal. “I’m confident that with the help of my treatment team the success of PACE will continue to flourish.”

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