Our Response to COVID-19

COVID Vaccinations

PACE Recovery is an essential healthcare company. Our staff members have been fully vaccinated, and clients are also eligible for vaccination. This will help to safeguard our community in addition to the protections outlined below.

An Essential Service

The novel coronavirus has changed life as we know it, leading to the closure of several businesses for the foreseeable future. However, addiction and mental health services remain vitally important, even during a worldwide pandemic. We would like to announce that PACE Recovery is still open, and that we have implemented a stringent set of protocols to protect the health and safety of our clients.

The Steps We’re Taking

Due to the highly transmissible nature of COVID-19, PACE Recovery has made several key changes to our day-to-day operations. First, our cleaning policies have been escalated; housekeepers and staff members sanitize shared surfaces and common areas on a frequent basis. Additionally, all clients and staff have ready access to handwashing stations. They are encouraged to use these facilities as often as possible, in order to maintain a germ-free environment.

We have also reduced outside activities by bringing them to our campus. Sessions with our on-staff personal trainers will replace trips to the gym, and our clients will participate in on-site recovery meetings instead of those within the community. Fitness and activity remain a top priority for PACE Recovery; we will begin offering on-campus competitions and tournaments between residents, along with remote nature activities in areas without other people. We also enforce social distancing best practices among the gentlemen of PACE Recovery.

What New Residents Can Expect

In addition to the procedural changes outlined above, we have modified our intake process to reflect the severity of the novel coronavirus. New clients are housed separately and are observed to ensure that they do not display symptoms before joining the PACE community. Our staff members are continually tested for COVID-19 using rapid finger prick testing; new clients receive this as well.

Remote Addiction Treatment

In response to COVID-19, PACE Recovery will also begin to offer remote telehealth services. Through secure online portals, clients are able to access group and individual sessions with accredited addiction treatment professionals. This service is particularly valuable for those in transitional living arrangements. For those who feel most comfortable with in-person, one-on-one meetings, these can be made available on a per-person basis after individual review.

Get Treatment Today

Addiction remains America’s silent epidemic. If you are struggling with drugs, alcohol, or mental illness, we encourage you to seek treatment today. Established in 2012, PACE Recovery utilizes evidence-based best practices to help you to recover. To learn more, contact our compassionate admissions staff.

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