Identity and Gender/Sexuality Group

The Identity and Gender/Sexuality Exploration Group is open to members who identify as LGBTQ+, are questioning their gender or sexual identity, or feel as though there is a piece of their identity they want to better identify with or understand. The Identity and Gender/Sexuality Exploration group aims to give members a safe place to process their experiences while also building resilience and necessary coping skills to live a healthy, supportive and sober life. 

Safe Processing of Gender and Sexuality

Group members will process issues related to self-esteem, body image, stigma, or other issues that require further insight into one’s sexual identity, gender expression, or medical diagnosis and the impact on their own identity and relationships. Group members will have the opportunity to discuss how their identity has come to be, has been shaped by their experiences, and what they then choose their identity to be.  Other group topics include understanding your self-worth, standing up for yourself, building safe and healthy relationships, getting support, and thriving as you are. 

Self-Discovery and Recovery at PACE

At PACE Recovery Center, we use evidence-based therapeutic protocols that bring healing and wholeness to your life. Customized process groups facilitate awareness and healing. For more information about our addiction treatment and behavioral health programs, call a PACE team member at 800-526-1851. 

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