Amphetamine and Meth Addiction

Amphetamines are powerful synthetic stimulants similar to cocaine but the effects last much longer. Common street names for amphetamines include “meth”, “speed”, “crank”, “crystal”, “ice”, “shabu”, and “glass”. Unfortunately it has become easier to manufacture meth and it is possible to use few easily available chemicals to quickly make a batch. The DEA has identified 300 ways to manufacture methamphetamine using pseudoephedrine. Prolonged use of meth alters brain chemistry and impairs the user’s decision making ability in a way that increases cravings, making it difficult to stop once the addictive process takes hold.

At PACE we realize that no single treatment is effective for all individuals who abuse amphetamines. That is why at PACE we specialize in developing individualized treatment plans and work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to ensure that the unique needs of our clients are being met which will lead to long term abstinence. We facilitate the Amphetamine addiction and meth treatment process through daily therapeutic groups lead by skilled addiction clinicians, as well as involvement in the 12-Step Recovery community. We help equip clients with the tools they need to help battle Amphetamine and meth addiction. Clients also participate in weekly individual therapy, weekly case management sessions, and psychoeducational groups that focus on teaching emotional management tools, relapse prevention techniques, healthy relationships, experiential therapy, and general life skills that may have been neglected while in active addiction.

If you or a loved one are seeking treatment for meth and amphetamine addiction please reach out to us today.

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