PACE Recovery Center Intensive Outpatient Programs


PACE Recovery Center’s Orange County Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a men-only program established in 2012. Our continuum of care serves clients suffering from drug and alcohol misuse, dual diagnoses, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, process addiction and gambling addiction. PACE’s gender-specific therapy environment supports and encourages clients as they share openly and work to unravel the root of their addictions or behavioral health disorders.

Comprehensive IOP & Mental Health Program

Making the decision to seek professional help for substance abuse or behavioral health issues can be daunting, especially when a person is stuck in a cycle of intense shame, guilt and anger. PACE’s Orange County Intensive Outpatient Program gently leads clients into the healing process; then our multidisciplinary addiction treatment team takes a directive and client-centered therapeutic approach.

Part of our client-centric approach means choosing the best program for an individual’s age, addiction history and mental health history. PACE’s credentialed clinicians are skilled in the treatment of chemical dependency, co-occurring disorders, mental health disorders and behavioral health disorders. Our range of outpatient programs includes:

  • Substance Abuse IOP. PACE substance abuse IOP serves clients suffering from alcoholism or addiction to amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, club drugs, designer drugs, opiates and prescription drugs. This program is appropriate for clients managing work and family responsibilities while attending part-time rehab. Substance misuse IOP is not recommended for men requiring medical detox or those requiring 24/7 supervision for severe chemical dependency.
  • Mental Health IOP. Helping men manage non-substance-related illnesses like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder, this arm of the PACE IOP provides supportive treatment for clients stable enough to work and live at home. Our mental health IOP is also recommended for men transitioning from inpatient treatment to independence, and includes medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills training and family counseling.
  • Dual Diagnosis IOP. Up to 50% of people suffering from a substance misuse disorder are also battling some form of mental health diagnosis. To optimize recovery success, PACE provides integrated treatment for addiction and behavioral illness. Our recovery tracks address co-occurring disorders from psychological, medical, spiritual and relational perspectives. Dual-diagnosis IOP is not designed for clients requiring intensive detox or needing 24/7 supervision for severe addiction.

Integrated IOP Therapies & Treatment Offerings

At PACE Recovery, we understand the importance of helping clients manage recovery while continuing everyday activities like work, school, volunteer or family commitments. Our team of dedicated clinicians uses the following empirically based therapeutic modalities to treat substance misuse, behavioral disorders or dual diagnoses:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Individual Case Management
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Sessions
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills Training
  • 12-Step Education
  • Stress Management

When IOP clients need housing assistance, PACE Recovery Center refers them to our trusted network of legitimate sober living communities.

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It takes courage to seek help for substance misuse and behavioral health disorders. To inquire about intensive outpatient programs for addiction and mental illness or to request insurance verification, call a PACE Recovery Center intake counselor. For more information about our Orange County IOP programs, click here.  

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