2022 Strategic Plan

To expand the array of services offered and increase the quality of services provided.

  • Hire highly skilled, credentialed professionals for various disciplines including psychology, counseling and social work.
  • Develop coordination system between the program and other professionals for specialty services not offered by the program.
  • Further improve our quality management system by incorporating new methods and technology.
  • Continue commitment to train substance abuse counselor interns.

To promote continuing professional excellence and development among counseling staff.

  • Hold or host professional in-services and workshops.
  • Hold monthly Case Conferences
  • Hold monthly Group Supervision meetings.
  • Encourage all staff to obtain continuing education credits in their field.
  • Develop policies that strongly encourage the use of substance abuse treatment best practices.

To develop a service delivery system that is efficient and operationally and fiscally sound.

  • Continue to incorporate technology.
  • Improve the infrastructure through revision and updating program policies and procedures.
  • Continue to become greener and more paperless.

To increase financial stability and access to services for persons we serve:

  • Continue to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan in 2022.
  • Continue to work toward gaining more market share as reflected in our increasing the number of consumers served and the number and kinds of services provided.
  • Continue to work toward the goal of 100% capacity in 2022
  • Continue to Coordinate Care with local referral sources.
  • Continue to meet prospective referral partners.
  • Use information gathered in surveys and referent contact to guide decision making in the area of program growth
  • Use input from stakeholders to modify or increase program offerings with the stated goal of increasing market share in 2022

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