Academic Stress and Substance Abuse in Young Adults

academic stress

Young adults face intense internal and external pressure to excel in today’s highly competitive academic environment. As a result, you may turn to alcohol and marijuana for short-term stress relief or try “study drugs” such as Adderall to enhance your concentration. While these quick fixes might seem attractive, they can significantly derail your promising academic career and affect your holistic well-being.

The Lure of Stimulants

Many students falsely believe Adderall – typically prescribed to manage ADHD symptoms – can help them focus better, study longer and retain more information. However, Adderall is a stimulant that can cause unpleasant side effects in people without ADHD, such as anxiety, irritability, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, sleep disturbances and the risk of addiction.

Instead of contributing to genuine learning and comprehension, using stimulants without medical supervision can create an unsustainable dependency where you feel you need drugs to perform academically. Additionally, possessing and using prescription drugs without a prescription is illegal and can lead to disciplinary actions like suspension and expulsion, potentially jeopardizing your academic standing and future job prospects.

How Drug Abuse Hinders Academic Careers

Using substances like marijuana and alcohol to escape academic stress can be similarly problematic, especially as your tolerance increases and the original dose is no longer as effective as you want it to be. A growing drinking and drug habit will impair your cognitive functions, affecting memory, concentration and the ability to process complex information.

Substance abuse can also lead to poor class attendance, reduced motivation and a lack of engagement, which are all critical components of academic success. Conflicts with peers and teachers may further isolate you by driving a wedge between you and others.

PACE Academy – A Path to Recovery and Academic Success

At PACE Recovery, we understand the connection between academic stress and substance abuse in young adult men. We created PACE Academy to address our clients’ educational needs, providing crucial routine, structure, purpose and accountability. Our integrated approach allows you to receive tailored substance use and mental health treatment while you work to complete your GED or four-year college degree.

Clients enrolled in our program spend 40 hours a week on academics, receiving valuable life skills training, online study tools and tutoring in an environment surrounded by peers who have faced similar challenges. At our California treatment center, you can begin healing multiple facets of your life simultaneously, acquiring healthy coping mechanisms that are essential for maintaining sobriety, setting realistic vocational goals and achieving long-term academic and personal success.

Giving Men the Skills for Sobriety Since 2012

Using drugs or alcohol as a crutch to deal with academic stress can compromise your health and derail your promising future. PACE Recovery offers a comprehensive approach to help you overcome these issues and achieve success. Contact our admissions advisors to request more information about admissions, insurance coverage and availability.