Our Success Stories

PACE is proud to be Orange County’s premier center for addiction treatment and mental health care. Before you decide to recover with us, we invite you to read the below testimonials and endorsements.

I am a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, a Master Addiction Counselor, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Board Registered Interventionist as seen on the A & E television show Intervention. Pace Recovery Center is always my first choice in treatment placement for men.

They have an incredible clinical staff, meet the client where they are, while providing the much needed love and compassion for a person entering the unknown realm of inpatient treatment.

I have multiple clients that have excelled in this program, finding their authentic self, as they begin to live the life they were intended to live. The families are included in their loved ones treatment process allowing the Pace team to gently guide them into recovery as well.

Great staff, great facility, great team!! P.S. The pictures on their website are authentic!!!

– Sylvia Parsons, MS, LCAS, MAC, CCTP, Board Registered Interventionist

They are as good as they come, I’ve never seen better.

– Dr. Phil

I have referred clients to PACE Recovery not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. I have referred friends and family members and would continue to do so without question. I have visited the PACE facilities many times and can’t imagine a better place to recover. Not only are the PACE houses beautiful, but the entire city it an amazing place to be a young man in recovery. Additionally, I have known the owner and CEO Lenny Segal for more than twenty years. I know him to be reputable, honest, hard working but above all…dedicated to treating young men with addiction issues. He is constantly working to improve the lives of each of the young men he treats. As Lenny himself has nearly 20 years of recovery, he knows exactly what it takes to maintain long-term sobriety and he and his team bring that knowledge and background to their treatment approach at PACE. Hats off to Lenny and the entire team for their tireless efforts.

– Jordan Emerson

Pace is an incredible program for young men. We have sent a number of our clients to Pace and they have all done well. I’ve also heard from parents who praised the program and thanked me and my staff for referring them there. I have worked in this field for 30+ years and I have a lot of respect for Lenny (founder of Pace). Lenny has an incredibly big heart, is ethical and compassionate, has walked in the same shoes as the young men he treats, has assembled a like-minded caring clinical team, and is a tireless advocate for the transformational healing that recovery can foster. He’s an example of it. if you have a son who needs care, I could not recommend Pace more.

– Scott Sowle

In January of 2015, I brought my son to PACE. He had just completed 90 day in patient treatment. Last week I flew from the east coast to visit with him. PACE and the community of people in recovery is amazing. I would recommended PACE to anyone who is seeking recovery.

I am impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication that all the employees have to Recovery. Lenny carefully considers what the therapists brings to PACE. Staff is involved in truly getting to know the clients. They work as a team and each one gets to experience different aspects of our son.

Communication with family is excellent.

During the months that our son was in treatment I began my own recovery. PACE was instrumental in supporting my recovery from being “Queen” of enabling to learning how to set my own boundaries, which was critical for my own mental health as well as our sons recovery.

Recovery takes courage and willingness and I am grateful my son has both. He couldn’t have done it without PACE. It was here that he learned the life skills of managing his life.

When our visit had come to an end, I left knowing that our son has grown into a responsible adult. The work environment at PACE is incredibly positive and they all work as a team. His friends are amazing young people who walk the same path of recovery because they have learned that you cannot do it alone.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

– Micheline Bereck

As someone who formerly worked in the treatment field, I have seen and come into contact with many rehab centers. Many are adequate, and some are sub par; rarely is there somewhere I would consider a complete class-act and truly special place.

Having met Lenny at a conference years back, I can say that his passion and enthusiasm for helping young men get sober is contagious. And having worked with Jordan in the past, I know of no one better to help with the difficult and emotional process of getting a loved one into treatment.

Pace is one of the places that stand out in a crowded treatment world, and for all the right reasons.

I would trust them with a loved one or family member, with no hesitation.

– Ty Hansen

Our Family is Blessed to have Pace Recovery come into our lives and save our son. It has been a remarkable journey to see how far they have brought our Son. Everyone at Pace has been so nice. They truly care about their clients and there recovery. Our Son is now in Sober Living and his care is still at a high level. They are very professional, knowable, and compassionate. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. High praise for the Staff.

– Jackie Morgan

After reviewing all our son’s medical history and conducting interviews, our consultant solely recommended the PACE Recovery Program. He has been there nearly 90 days and is thriving. The program is tailored to his needs and the staff has been extraordinary. Our son’s team of professionals are in constant communication with us and have been great in guiding him towards his recovery. We visited our son after his first 30 days and we were in awe of the camaraderie among the clients and staff. We are highly confident that we made the right decision in choosing PACE for our son’s recovery!

– Ellen Loos

My brother was hopeless until going to PACE. He tried many different options in attempts to become sober but nothing worked for him until admitting himself here. I am 100% positive that Pace will lead you or anyone to a life of long term sobriety along with many valuable and cherishable experiences along the way! GO PACE!

– Samara Jones

So proud of Lenny and the entire PACE Team! Just saw them on the Intervention Show yesterday and the Dr Phil show last week. I was a client for 90 days and it totally changed my life. I felt like I always had support. Loved the beautiful beach houses and met some really cool guys who were getting sober just like me.

I now live in sober living and attend the PACE outpatient program. I’ve been to a lot of programs, but nothing like this. The entire PACE Team really cares about me and my family. When my parents were having financial difficulties, Lenny stepped in to help.

Thank you mom and dad for encouraging me to come to California and go to PACE! I’m now working full time, living in sober living and thinking about going back to school!

Lenny and the PACE Team inspire me! They really really care. I was at sober party last night filled w PACE alumni waiting to watch my buddy on the Intervention Show. Lenny, Sean,David, Jackson, Brett and several other staff came over to eat dinner with us and to give support to my buddy who was on the show in case he needed it. Like I said, I’ve been to a lot of other programs and the owner and other key staff would never make time for us. These guys are different!!

– Jake Marlowe

PACE Recovery Center helped to save our son’s life!

Our son completed 4 months at PACE and  then attend the PACE outpatient program. He has returned to college, is excelling in his studies, and has over 18 months of sobriety! The PACE team not only helped our son but also helped us to realize that addiction is a family disease. This was difficult at first but with the support of PACE we realized that we needed to work as a family to change. We attend family sessions with our son’s therapist and received weekly updates from his case manager who supported and helped us establish more healthy boundaries. We also received regular updates from PACE’s outstanding clinical director who provided us with insightful direction and guidance.

If your son is struggling with addiction and behavioral health issues we highly recommend PACE Recovery Center. Our family will be forever grateful to Lenny and his remarkable staff.

– Howard Sullivan

Couldn’t be more pleased!! We sent our son to PACE as a recommendation from another program. He needed longer term treatment. From the first phone call we felt at ease. Throughout is treatment at PACE, the staff was incredibly kind and courteous with my entire family. We loved how they approached both his addiction, depression and anxiety issues. They really were able to make recovery fun for him, which for a young person is important. My son was enrolled in the PACE Academy and was able to start taking college courses. The tutors were great! For the first time in awhile, we are hopeful. Thank you so much! We are excited for the next chapter for our family.

– Lindsay F

We are super grateful for Pace Recovery Center! The team is professional, compassionate, kind and understanding. From the top to the bottom our concerns and fears were always dealt with in a timely manner. There was always someone we could talk to at any given point in his treatment. My son had a full day of activities all inclusive : individual therapy, group therapy gym membership, weekend outings to fun places. When I came for visitation, I began to tear. I saw standing in front of me my child again. My son had been in several programs before Pace and always relapsed within a month. Or so! Today I am happy to say he is 9 months sober….the longest period of time in 5 years. We have our wonderful son back!! Praise the Lord!

I have recommended Pace to friends whose kids were active and troubled addicts, those who sent their sons there are so thankful me! LOL I keep saying pass it forward!

Thank you Thank you to Pace Recovery Center.

– Judy DePrete

We will be forever GRATEFUL to PACE for providing such an all encompassing treatment plan for our son. 18 months ago we were a family in crisis. One phone call to Lenny started an amazing journey into recovery for the whole family. The staff was responsive to all our needs and fully understands the complicated nature of addiction and the co- occurring disorders that so often complicate the battle of addiction. Our son found a true brotherhood there and is clean and sober today. He learned all the fundamental tools needs at PACE.

To:– Lenny, Stuart, Brook & Brian, and Will …..and more— all of them were wonderful. A heartfelt thank you to all.

– Patricia Bevier

This place is so awesome!! The staff are awesome and in recovery. Made some great friends and was able to finish high school! They even helped me get a job. Pretty cool that I got to live in an amazing beach house also!

– Alex F

Happy, Hopeful and Grateful would be my three core feelings! Just celebrated 1 YEAR of sobriety!!! Life is awesome!!!

– Zach Martin