Dual Diagnosis

For those dealing with addiction along with anxiety, depression, trauma, or another mental health condition.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Many people suffering from substance misuse disorders are also contending with some type of mental health diagnosis. If these co-occurring disorders are not treated strategically, clients may find themselves in a costly cycle of relapse or facing a behavioral health crisis. Established in 2012, PACE Recovery Center optimizes recovery success with integrated treatment that addresses the medical, psychosocial, relational and spiritual facets of the whole person.

Features & Advantages of PACE Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

One of the most significant challenges of dual-diagnosis treatment is uncovering the reason for the symptoms. There is usually more than one thing at play, since environmental and genetic factors contribute to co-occurring disorders. Drug dependency may lead to mental illness, or vice versa. Either way, the conditions must be treated simultaneously—using an individualized plan of care.

PACE Recovery works to develop a customized treatment plan that includes:

Dual-Diagnosis Expertise

After completing a biopsychosocial assessment to identify underlying mental health conditions that can complicate chemical dependency, PACE Recovery Center develops a personalized treatment protocol. Working with outside providers to assure continuity of care, we help men process their emotions, develop coping skills, identify substance use triggers and plan for aftercare. Our accredited team of physicians, doctorate-level clinicians and drug and alcohol counselors offers treatment for these mood disorders, personality disorders and mental health conditions:

Get Dual-Diagnosis Help Now

PACE Recovery Center’s dual-diagnosis programs treat a broad range of co-occurring psychiatric conditions. Adopting evidence-based practices that are beneficial for dual diagnosis, our clinicians help target the underlying issues that contribute to co-occurring disorders. Working hand-in-hand with doctors and clients, we establish therapy goals and medication regimens that improve quality of life and support the recovery journey.

For the benefit of our clients, PACE accepts most insurance. If insurance is not an option, our client advocates provide competitive payment options that minimize your financial burden.

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