Mental Health IOP

Our intensive outpatient program provides clients with the opportunity to prioritize their mental health while focusing on work, school, and other responsibilities.

For over a decade, PACE Recovery Center has provided an intensive outpatient program for clients diagnosed with mood disorders and mental or emotional health issues. Our doctoral- and master’s-level clinicians develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each client’s mental health history, family history, and environmental challenges.  

Mental Health Conditions & Disorders

PACE’s outpatient mental health program treats these conditions and more:

Outpatient Orange County Therapy Services

After completing a biopsychosocial assessment, each client receives a treatment plan tailored to his needs. Our outpatient programming is robust and comprehensive, which means that it addresses every facet of a person’s disorder. A variety of methods, including group and individual therapy, life skills training, experiential therapy, family involvement, and educational or vocational coaching are recommended. PACE’s gender-specific setting empowers men to share openly, without fear of judgment or social pressure.

Features and Benefits of Outpatient Mental Health Care

PACE’s outpatient program is ideal for clients unable to live on site, as well as those transitioning from inpatient care to independence. Typical applicants include men who have recently relapsed, those who have stabilized through detox and residential programming, and clients with mild to moderate substance use disorders.
Outpatient care takes place on our campus, but participants will continue to live in their own homes or in designated sober housing. To be considered for an outpatient program, men must have a supportive living environment that reinforces their sobriety. Those in unstable or unsupportive homes are encouraged to consider residential treatment.
Over the course of the intensive outpatient program, men learn the skills they need to thrive outside our supportive community. Key benefits of PACE include:

Case Management for Outpatient Clients

Individualized case management is one of the most unique features of PACE’s outpatient mental health program. By partnering with outside providers and assisting with medication monitoring, each case manager gains a complete understanding of the client’s mental health challenges. We provide mentoring and assistance with job searches, interview preparation, school applications, and more. All of this is in service of our primary mission: helping men achieve their goals.

Enroll in Our Orange County Mental Health Treatment Program

Mental illness doesn’t have to rule your life anymore. Whether your symptoms began alongside heavy substance use or have always bothered you, the PACE treatment team can help you find recovery. Join our men’s-only mental health program by contacting us today. Submit a confidential online inquiry to start your outpatient journey. We look forward to speaking with you.