PACE Academy

In our supportive environment, clients learn to strike the delicate balance between recovery, academics, and life.

PACE Academy is designed to meet clients where they are at with their academic endeavors. An important part of recovery is establishing and finding routine, structure, purpose, and accountability. At PACE Academy we can help clients at various stages in their academic pursuits including:

Academic Progress Balanced with Recovery

The goal of PACE Academy is for young men to get back into a routine establishing accountability and responsibility for the student and allowing the brain to gradually acclimate to the learning process. It is about boosting self-esteem and self-worth of the client by successfully starting and FINISHING something (which many have not done in some time).

  • The student will learn in a highly structured environment with the support of a tutor that they will interact with weekly
  • Life Skills and Study Skills groups will be mandatory for the student to attend to help reintegrate them into life. The life skills group will focus on topics such as time management, budgeting, social skills, decision making, job interviewing, resume writing, etc. The study skills group helps students learn effective tools to learn from organizational skills, how to avoid procrastination, dealing and coping with a learning disability, time management, writing skills, etc.
  • The academy offers Career Assessment Inventory Testing to help the student narrow and focus their areas of interest to help them develop goals for possible career choices and areas of study for college or trade schools.
  • The academy offers a CAADAC track that is one of the most cost and time efficient in California. It can be completed in 18 weeks. Compare this to 2-year programs that can cost upwards of 10-15 thousand dollars. We offer weekly in class instruction in conjunction with the online learning modality.

High School

If an addictive and behavioral health diagnosis has interfered with your high school graduation, PACE Academy can help you complete your GED or high school diploma. Academic pursuits are foundational to a successful future, so we meet young men where they are: helping them get back on course after suffering from chemical dependency or a co-occurring disorder.

Benefits of Acquiring a GED or High School Diploma

When paired with a GED or diploma, drug and alcohol recovery programs have the potential to increase a young adult’s financial and personal stability. The GED is a nationally recognized credential that improves earning potential, builds confidence, and opens doors to college enrollment. Working with credentialed addiction professionals and clinicians, Pace Academy students learn to re-acclimate their brains to learning while managing their time and pursuing responsible independence that benefits the recovery process.

Couldn’t be more pleased!! … My son was enrolled in the PACE Academy and was able to start taking college courses. The tutors were great! For the first time in awhile, we are hopeful. Thank you so much! We are excited for the next chapter for our family.

–Lindsay F

PACE Academy Recovery Program

As part of our men’s-only addiction treatment program, PACE Recovery Center provides a structured environment where young adults:

Get Serious About Sobriety at PACE Academy

You may have considered returning to your former high school, but this is not always advisable. Contact with old friends, triggers, and temptations could obstruct your sobriety. By affirming and empowering students as they complete their school endeavors, Pace Academy has become a community of productivity and a haven from peer pressure. Ready to enroll? Contact an Academy team member at 800-526-1851 to develop an academic plan or discuss gender-specific high school and college support programs.


If substance abuse has become a roadblock in your secondary education or prevented you from applying to college, Pace Academy can help you pursue your dreams and prepare for a thriving future. Meeting you where you are, our men’s-only program provides strategic support during your academic and recovery journeys.

With the guidance of credentialed addiction specialists, master-level therapists, and program peers, PACE Academy students learn to:

Couldn’t be more pleased!! We sent our son to PACE as a recommendation from another program. He needed longer term treatment. From the first phone call we felt at ease. Throughout is treatment at PACE, the staff was incredibly kind and courteous with my entire family. We loved how they approached both his addiction, depression and anxiety issues. They really were able to make recovery fun for him, which for a young person is important. My son was enrolled in the PACE Academy and was able to start taking college courses. The tutors were great! For the first time in awhile, we are hopeful. Thank you so much! We are excited for the next chapter for our family.

–Lindsay F

Whether you are preparing for school or already attending classes, Pace Academy reinforces your decision to abstain from drugs and alcohol during your college experience. We accomplish this through 12-Step groups, academic support, and sober recreation opportunities. While working toward the degree of their choice, participants attend life skills groups focused on time management, financial planning and budgeting, combatting procrastination, establishing healthy social habits, and making decisions.

Benefits of Pace Academy’s Program

Pace Academy’s men’s-only higher education preparation and support programs teach participants to pursue a variety of individual and relational goals, including:

Orange County Higher Education Options

Pace Academy helps our college students pursuing associate or bachelor’s degrees at a variety of Orange County community colleges and universities:

PACE Academy is also proud to provide a Certified Alcohol Drug & Alcohol Associate credentialing that is one of the most time and cost-efficient in California. This program includes weekly class instruction and online learning modalities at a fraction of the price of other programs.

Reach Your Academic Goals with Pace Academy

As an integral part of our young men’s rehab and dual diagnosis program, Pace Academy provides gender-specific treatment and support for clients in high school, college, or vocational training. Don’t allow addiction to derail your future. Our team will help you cope with the stress of higher education while managing your recovery and growing personally, professionally, and relationally. Call now: 800-526-1851.

Graduate School

If a graduate degree is critical to your career trajectory, Pace Academy helps you balance substance abuse or dual diagnosis recovery while starting or completing an academic program. Our coastal Newport Beach and Huntington Beach locations are close to a number of campuses, and our men’s- only program has helped hundreds of young adults achieve long-term sobriety while attending grad school.

Graduate School & Addiction Trends

It is not surprising when academic burnout and graduate school stress lead to misuse of stimulants, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and marijuana. Students are caught in a vicious cycle, relying on medications like Adderall and Ritalin to stay focused during exams—then drinking or smoking cannabis to relax. Pace Academy college recovery program gives young men a one-of-a-kind opportunity to:

Our Son is now in PACE Academy working on his college degree. For the first time in a long while we are sleeping soundly at night. Thank you Lenny and the rest of the Pace Team. Your guidance and accessibility has helped this Mom feel hopeful in a very long time!

–Micheline B

In addition to providing academic and social support for graduate students, Pace Academy addiction specialists and clinicians teach young men to manage their time and money, live on a budget, balance work and recreation, make healthy decisions, and develop nutrition and exercise habits that optimize recovery.

Orange County Graduate Study Options

Pace Academy’s gender-specific program provides support for college students pursuing associate or bachelor’s degrees at a variety of Orange County community colleges and universities:

Your substance abuse or dual diagnosis does not need to stall or derail your graduate degree. At Pace Academy, our team helps you walk confidently in the direction of your goals while prioritizing your sobriety. Call our team at 800-526-1851. For your convenience, you can also connect online confidentially.

Tools for the Future

Pace Academy is an integral part of our Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program, and helps provide young students with the tools necessary for future success. For more information on what Pace Academy has to offer, please contact us.