Men-Only Treatment

A gender-specific treatment facility, PACE Recovery provides an environment uniquely tailored to the needs of men aged 18 to 30.

Gender-Specific Treatment in Orange County, CA

Many men who are in the throes of substance abuse are reluctant to seek treatment because society maintains the belief that men should be strong, emotionless and not need help. However, asking for help is a sign of strength, and it’s a decision that could be the difference between freedom and empowerment or a lifetime of addiction.

Clients who come to PACE Recovery are often dealing with the consequences of the unique societal, familial and environmental pressures men face from the time they are small children. These pressures can manifest in many ways, including substance use. In fact, men are more likely to use substances:

Through gender-specific programming, we’re able to address those needs with incredible precision while establishing a strong sense of community and brotherhood.

Benefits of Men-Only Addiction Treatment

We know that the longer a person can engage in highly specialized treatment, the more favorable the recovery outcomes. Our gender-specific, men-only addiction treatment enables us to focus specifically on treating addiction and addressing the factors that contributed to it from the male perspective. Perhaps the most significant benefit of gender-specific treatment at PACE Recovery is our community’s strong sense of camaraderie.

Brotherhood is fundamental to our treatment philosophy, and offering treatment designed specifically for men helps our clients find strength, hope and community while bonding with a group of peers who not only share their struggle with substance use but understand the unique pressures men face.

Creating change in lifelong patterns and behaviors and enjoying life are not mutually exclusive. While the magnitude of traditional clinical therapies cannot be overstated, our clinical team takes great care in organizing experiences and outings that help clients bond with one another, build meaningful relationships and have fun in sobriety.

PACE clients regularly participate in activities including but not limited to:

Experience the Spirit of Brotherhood

PACE Recovery is a place where men begin to express themselves in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. If you’re ready to overcome addiction while gaining insight into who you are, the origins of some of your biggest challenges and learn new ways to live life, we want to help. Call 800-526-1851 to speak with an admissions counselor, verify your insurance benefits and determine which of our services suit your needs.