Treatment for Young Adults

Our facility caters to a specific population: young men between the ages of 18 and 30. This narrow focus ensures the best possible care for each and every client.

Treatment for Young Adult Men

PACE Recovery Center specializes in helping young adult men overcome substance use disorder and mental health issues. Generally, our population ranges in age from 18 to 30. We have found that this demographic greatly benefits from evidence-based treatment tailored to their unique needs. That’s why all our programming empowers them to break harmful cycles, gain new perspectives, and create healthier lives in recovery.

Accurate Diagnosis

To receive proper treatment, each client must first be accurately diagnosed. This is especially important for those struggling with both addiction and mental illness. If a person is under the influence, his substance of choice will impact his thoughts and behaviors, thereby obscuring his symptoms. Once a client has been at PACE for some time, his condition can be accurately assessed, and his tailored mental health care can begin.

Clinical Specialties

Our team of licensed professional counselors and therapists provide guidance and support as real-world situations are encountered. The goal is to facilitate continued development of healthy relationships and focus on issues related to identity, interests, values, and boundaries.

Comprised of psychologists, therapists, and CAADAC counselors, PACE’s clinical staff comes from a diverse array of backgrounds. Their specialties are wide-ranging and include:

Our Evidence-Based Therapies

Evidence-based therapies used at PACE Recovery Center include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), narrative therapy, existential therapy, attachment-based therapy, and experiential therapy.

Experiential therapy is a hands-on approach that works well for young adult men. By participating in sober fun activities like beach volleyball and bungee jumping, our clients learn that you don’t need to drink or use drugs to have a good time. These outings also help young men to understand healthy risk-taking, emotional regulation, and other crucial skills.

Preparing for Independence: Education and Employment

Our program is unique among others due to its focus on each client’s academic and professional goals. We provide support as young adults acquire employment or begin to attend school again. Our facilitators focus on goal setting, time management, and budgeting, all while continuing to address emotional and behavioral issues that arise during this crucial phase of development.

The majority of our young adult clients move from residential programming to a transitional program. During this phase, clients actively work or attend school with transportation provided by PACE. Clients are still able to attend groups, individual therapy sessions, and case management meetings.

After successfully completing transitional living, clients graduate to sober living or our outpatient program. We help clients to find appropriate placement in reputable sober living facilities where they will be surrounded by men in the same stage of recovery. This approach has proven very effective; we are proud to say that many young men achieve one year of sobriety while they are with us.

Family Program

For young adults, family is a crucial piece of the recovery process. The transition into adulthood already presents a great deal of challenges for any family; addiction and mental health problems complicate things further. Codependency, poor boundaries, and ineffective communication reinforce patterns of addiction and detract from recovery efforts.

PACE’s staff works closely with family members and loved ones of young adult men struggling with addiction. Involvement in our program equips each family unit with in-depth education about the disease of substance use disorder, what it takes to maintain boundaries, and how to communicate clearly.

Ready to Recover?

The goal of our young adult rehab program is to prepare our clients to live healthy, happy, and balanced lives free from substances and severe mental health issues.

For more information about our young adult program, please contact us.