Transitional Living

Research shows that the longer men stay involved in a supportive, recovery-centered community, the better their chances of long-term sobriety.

California Transitional Living Program

PACE Recovery Center’s Transitional Living Program is an exclusive gender-specific, transitional living home for men struggling with chemical dependency and/or behavioral health issues or both. Our program focuses on assisting our clients in learning how to manage both vocational/school goals, behavioral health recovery and addiction recovery.

Expertise and Support for Early Recovery 

Early recovery from addiction or a behavioral health condition can be challenging. Research data shows that the longer an individual can stay connected with a recovery support system and ongoing care, the better their chances are of long-term recovery and relapse avoidance. While in our program clients have the opportunity to maintain life obligations, such as work, school, and family commitments, while living in a sober and supportive environment. A multidisciplinary team of Psychiatrists, Doctorate Level Clinicians, Master Level Therapists and academic or vocational coordinators work with each client to assure that they are achieving their goals and addressing challenges in real time, so they are prepared for real life when they leave our care. Our supportive offerings in transitional living include:

After successfully completing transitional living, clients have the option of moving into our sober living or our outpatient program. We help clients to find appropriate placement in reputable sober living facilities where they will be surrounded by men in the same stage of recovery. This approach has proven very effective; we are proud to say that many young men achieve one year of sobriety while they are with us. If you’d like more information on our Orange County Transitional Living Program, please contact us today.