Mental Health Facility for Adolescents

adolescent men mental health

Everyone has different mental health needs, so treatment programs should not take a one-size-fits-all approach. PACE Recovery Center offers a unique blend of therapeutic and academic support designed to foster recovery and personal growth for young adult men.

The Advantage of Age- and Gender-Specific Programs

Early adulthood is a critical period of emotional, physical and mental development. Societal expectations and cultural pressures can compound the struggle for young men already grappling with mental health issues. Recognizing this, PACE Recovery has crafted an age-specific, gender-specific treatment environment that provides numerous advantages.

  • Built-in peer group: Being among peers who face similar challenges provides a sense of belonging and understanding that is vital for healing. It fosters a supportive community where young men can openly share their experiences and struggles without fear of judgment, encouraging openness and vulnerability that is often harder to achieve in a mixed-age or coed environment.
  • Tailored therapeutic approaches: Treatment modalities at PACE address young men’s unique psychological and emotional needs. This specificity allows our clients and therapists to explore complex topics such as toxic masculinity, self-image and adoption-related issues.
  • Enhanced focus on developmental stages: Young adulthood is a formative time. An understanding of developmental stages is the foundation of PACE’s programs, ensuring our therapeutic interventions are age-appropriate and effective.

Balancing Mental Health and Educational Goals

Understanding the pivotal purpose of education in a young man’s life, PACE Recovery integrates academic pursuits into the recovery process. This approach helps our clients reach milestones that may have fallen by the wayside due to mental and behavioral health challenges.

PACE Academy allows you to continue your education while receiving treatment, whether it’s completing a high school diploma or pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. This focus on academics instills a sense of normalcy and purpose, which is essential for long-term recovery. By balancing academic achievement with recovery, PACE boosts our residents’ self-worth, motivation and drive to recover.

A Homelike, Welcoming Environment

Beyond clinical and academic excellence, the environment at PACE Recovery is deliberately homelike and welcoming – an alternative to a traditional psychiatric hospital.. This setting helps alleviate the clinical or institutional feel often associated with mental health treatment, making young men feel more at ease and open to the process of recovery.

  • Camaraderie: Our living arrangements and communal activities promote brotherhood among residents. This sense of fellowship is integral to building trust and fostering peer support, which are cornerstones of effective recovery.
  • Clinical expertise in a comfortable location: While providing top-notch clinical care, PACE ensures the atmosphere at our California rehab remains relaxed and conducive to healing.

Get the Help You Need at PACE Recovery

PACE Recovery Center offers a focused, comprehensive approach to adolescent mental health care that goes beyond traditional treatment modalities. By combining age-specific and gender-specific programming with an academic focus and a homelike environment, PACE sets ourselves apart as an exemplary inpatient provider for young men aged 18 to 30. This demographic benefits from evidence-based treatment tailored to their unique needs. Contact us for information about admissions and insurance coverage.