CARF Accreditation

Through a demonstrated commitment to evidence-based practices and clinically advanced care, PACE Recovery Center has earned CARF accreditation.

california carf accredited rehab

CARF-Accredited Men’s Rehab

CARF International is a worldwide organization responsible for the oversight of health and human services providers. Their rigorous standards determine which treatment centers qualify for CARF accreditation: the healthcare sector’s #1 indicator of high-quality, evidence-based treatment. Through our staff’s continued commitment to best practices and person-centered care, PACE Recovery Center has earned this seal of approval.

Our programs include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Substance Use Disorder (Addictions)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Mental Health
  • Residential Treatment: Mental Health
  • Residential Treatment: Integrated – Substance Use Disorders/Mental Health
  • Residential Treatment: Substance Use Disorders (Addictions)

Our Proven Approach

Among all accrediting bodies, CARF’s approval process is the most rigorous. To be considered, PACE submitted to on-site surveys, an in-depth review of our policies, and thorough peer evaluations. Surveyors assessed our property, leadership, and methodologies to determine whether accreditation would be granted. They found an array of strengths unique to our facility, including:

Effective, Evidence-Based Practices

A cornerstone of CARF accreditation is the use of research-backed treatment methods. PACE’s clinical staff has collaborated to create a highly effective combination of modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR, and experiential therapies. Additionally, clients have access to supplemental services and activities that promote their growth. Areas of focus include recreation, education, life skills, physical fitness, nutrition, relationships, and communication skills. 

Proactive Leadership

CARF reported that PACE’s leadership was “extremely proactive within the organization.” They also noted that our team’s “dedication and enthusiasm for the work being done is apparent.” Several members of our senior staff have been with us since PACE’s inception; we are proud to report that their passion translates into positive outcomes for our clients.

Excellent Reputation

The accreditation process requires CARF representatives to speak with a multitude of people, including employees and referral sources. PACE has developed an excellent reputation within the recovery community; our clinical team’s great energy, experience, and professionalism have made waves throughout the country. When reached for comment, referral sources touted PACE’s family work, multidisciplinary team, and individualized services.

A Welcoming, Therapeutic Environment

We designed the PACE Recovery campus to promote healing for the young men in our care. By combining modern aesthetics with highly requested amenities (like our gym and common areas), our center has become the perfect place for clients to engage in programming, socialize with others, and focus on their recovery. Our residential facilities are second to none. In the words of our surveyor, “The houses support a therapeutic environment to promote growth and change.”

Compassionate Staff

CARF’s report notes that our clinical and direct care staff members were “dedicated to and passionate about working with the clients served.” Furthermore, many people on our team have experienced substance use disorder or mental illness themselves. This level of personal insight further enhances their ability to engage with the gentlemen of PACE Recovery.  

CARF-Accredited Treatment in Orange County, CA

PACE Recovery Center is proud to be a CARF-accredited treatment facility. While this recognition is a great accomplishment, we have no intention of slowing down. As a pillar of the Orange County treatment community, we wholeheartedly believe in the accrediting body’s message of “aspiring to excellence.” To achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, our team will continue to offer a combination of therapies, holistic support, real-world skill-building, and enjoyable excursions to the men in our care. 

Contact our admissions team to learn more about our accredited approach to addiction treatment, mental health care, and trauma programming.