Experiential Therapy

Clients love the experiential programming at PACE Recovery. This hands-on approach combines valuable recovery lessons with fun, engaging activities.

Clients at PACE are offered experiential therapy throughout the week. Experiential therapy involves community-based exercises and activities where clients can interact on a more authentic level that can promote deeper peer-to-peer connection. This type of therapy is designed to use enactment, dramatization and role-playing techniques to illicit and replicate family of origin dynamics and associated regressive adaptive behavior that has hindered the personal growth and development of client that have contributed to or facilitated their addictions. In short, it slows our clients to “experience” situations – both enlightening and challenging – and work through them in real time with our therapeutic staff. Our experiential therapy is tailored to our addiction program for young adults to foster team cooperation and group cohesion. Typical exercises involve sports like basketball, soccer and volleyball, team building tasks and community service involvement to encourage:
Experiential therapy is offered as a holistic approach aimed to serve our clients at the bio-psycho-social levels of treatment in order to provide a full spectrum of care in our young adult rehab program. Through this, young adults at PACE are given opportunities to challenge themselves with the support and encouragement of experienced mental health practitioners along with their peers.