Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one can catalyze depression, anxiety, and even addiction. Therapeutic intervention gives young men the opportunity to acknowledge, process, and overcome a loss.

Grief and Loss Treatment

Whether it is due to the loss of a parent, spouse, child, or close friend, we all experience grief at some point in our lives. This type of life event can be especially challenging to cope with. Most of us find ways to remember our loved ones and, over time, deal with the loss in a healthy manner. For others, the period of mourning may feel never-ending, resulted in complicated grief and loss.

Signs of Complicated Grief and Loss

Grief isn’t limited to feelings of depression or sadness. It can also involve guilt, anger, and regret. It’s not unusual for men who are grieving to be surprised by the intensity of their emotions in the weeks or months following a major loss. Additionally, some circumstances can make this process even more difficult to handle: if the death is sudden and unexpected, if a person was extremely close to the deceased, or if a loved one is lost to suicide, for example. These instances can induce complicated grief: a pervasive depression that can actually change the chemistry of a bereaved person’s brain.

Symptoms of complicated grief and loss include:

Treating Complicated Grief Since 2012

PACE Recovery offers comprehensive treatment for complicated grief and loss. During this time, it is crucial for individuals to be surrounded by a network of social support and immersed in evidence-based mental health care. With treatment modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy and group counseling sessions, PACE provides trauma treatment that can help lessen the emotional pain associated with grief and loss. Over time, men at PACE Recovery will develop more adaptive ways to manage their thoughts and feelings, reducing instances of complicated grief. It is our aim to help young men to fondly remember their loved ones while living lives they would be proud of.

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