Group Therapy

shield-groupShared stories and experiences have the power to heal. At PACE Recovery Center, your extended residential care or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) includes group therapy sessions where men gather to learn from and support one another during every phase of treatment.

Advantages of Group Therapy for Substance Abuse 

According to SAMHSA, “The natural propensity of human beings to congregate makes group therapy a powerful therapeutic tool for treating substance abuse…” This interpersonal process brings powerful results for chemically dependent and dual diagnosis clients. During therapy with others, the men of PACE are able to:

  • Reduce stress. Research shows that story sharing helps participants deal with stress, guilt, shame, and anger in productive ways.
  • Overcome loneliness. Co-occurring and substance abuse disorders are isolating. During addiction therapy sessions, clients experience camaraderie in a cooperative setting.
  • Learn from others’ experiences. Group members view recovery differently, and can grow by drawing upon one another’s experiences.
  • Develop skills. Some of PACE’s therapy sessions are centered on valuable life skills topics such as anger management, relapse prevention, family relationships, 12-Step lessons, and gender-specific issues.
  • Get motivated to change. Group therapy increases participant confidence and sets up a chain of accountability that motivates abstinence and long-term sobriety.

Men enrolled at PACE Recovery Center report that therapy groups are a source of influence, friendship, and support: helping them overcome obstacles and remain motivated during gender-specific addiction recovery.

Providing Residential & IOP Addiction Treatment Since 2012

Addiction and mental illness touches nearly every family in some way. At PACE Recovery Center, we use evidence-based research to develop therapeutic protocols that bring healing and wholeness to you and your loved ones. For more information about our extended residential care and IOP programs, call a PACE team member at 800-526-1851. 

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