How Long Should Addiction Treatment Last?

Often we are asked how long a client should undergo treatment in order to address their addiction issues. There is no set answer to this question and at PACE Recovery Center we believe that each individual is unique; but, it has been found that at least 90 days of treatment is required in order to address an addiction issue. Individuals progress through drug addiction treatment at various speeds and research has shown that good addiction treatment outcomes are contingent on adequate lengths of treatment. It has been found that participation for less than 90 days has limited effectiveness and that treatment lasting longer than 90 days is often required to facilitate the recovery process.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): “Appropriate time in treatment depends on the type and degree of a person’s problems and needs. Research tells us that most addicted people need at least 3 months in treatment to really reduce or stop their drug use and that longer treatment times result in better outcomes” (NIDA, 2012).

It is for this reason that PACE Recovery Center has developed an individualized treatment program that targets the underlying behavioral health issues while providing addiction treatment that will translate into long-term sobriety for each client. Our approach is to incorporate a variety of different proven therapeutic modalities in an individualized treatment plan designed to address both the substance abuse issue and underlying behavioral issues that may leading to substance abuse.