What We Do for Fun Without Alcohol

sober surfers in California

Many social gatherings in high school and college include alcohol and drugs, fueling a misconception that being intoxicated is the easiest way to have fun. However, at PACE Recovery, we challenge this notion daily, showing that life in recovery can be vibrant, fulfilling and enjoyable without dangerous substances. Our location in the heart of California’s Newport Beach gives our residents access to a plethora of exciting outdoor activities that prove sobriety is anything but boring.

Embracing the Great Outdoors

Orange County has beautiful weather year-round, allowing you to maximize the stunning natural surroundings and contribute to a healthy, sober lifestyle by spending time outside, which has proven benefits for your well-being.

  • Surfing: With some of the best surf spots on the West Coast, our clients can hit the waves for a thrilling surfing session. Surfing is a physical challenge that requires calm and focus – two essential skills for recovery.
  • Hiking: Orange County’s diverse landscapes provide numerous hiking trails to fit every ability and fitness level. These trails offer serene environments where you can reconnect with nature, reflect and engage in mindful meditation.
  • Visiting parks: This area has abundant parks perfect for picnics, sports or enjoying a sunny afternoon with friends. Parks are excellent venues for group activities or solo time, helping you maintain physical health and social connections.
  • Beach activities: Beyond surfing, Orange County’s beaches can be incredibly therapeutic. The rhythmic sound of the waves, the soothing sight of the ocean and the feel of sand beneath your feet can put you into a peaceful, relaxed state of mind. Moreover, exposure to sunlight at the beach boosts vitamin D levels, which can improve your mood and decrease depression symptoms.

The Role of 12-Step Groups

Incorporating fun, alcohol-free activities into your daily life is crucial, but maintaining sobriety also requires a structured support system. At PACE Recovery, we encourage our clients to participate in 12-step groups during and after their stay with us. The 12-step program provides a framework for accountability and continual growth, helping you stay on track with your recovery goals. These meetings are free and open to the public, giving you a safe space to share your experiences and challenges and creating a community that can motivate and uplift you.

Building a Rewarding Sober Life

Transitioning to a life without alcohol involves rediscovering what brings you maximum joy and fulfillment. Our program focuses on helping young men explore new interests and rekindle old passions in a judgment-free environment. Here are some additional ideas for enjoying sobriety.

  • Team sports: Playing sports such as basketball, soccer and kickball improve physical health and build camaraderie and teamwork skills.
  • Creative arts: Creative outlets like painting, music or writing are excellent ways to channel emotions and stress.
  • Volunteering: Giving back to the community provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment that is often lost during active addiction.
  • Higher education: Finishing your diploma or degree can open up future opportunities and provide a sense of achievement.

Leading the Way in Young Men’s Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Care

Getting sober is all about finding out who you are without alcohol clouding your mind, and at PACE Recovery, we make this process as rewarding as possible. By taking advantage of the natural beauty, recreational opportunities and 12-step groups available throughout Orange County, our clients learn a sober life is not only attainable, but preferable. Contact us to learn how to find fun and fulfillment in healthy, constructive activities and embrace every day for the new opportunities it brings to grow and thrive.