PACE’s master’s- and doctoral-level therapists know what it takes to build healthy habits and overcome depressive disorders.

Orange County, CA Depression Treatment

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that in 2016, 16.2 million adults in the U.S. had at least one major depressive episode. That’s 6.7% of all U.S. adults. Depression is more common than many realize, and while it can feel impossible to overcome, it can be managed with an appropriate combination of therapy and medication, if necessary.

Many people who suffer from depression may use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms. While this may provide some temporary relief, it only worsens symptoms in the long-run. Substance use disorder doesn’t occur in a vacuum, so it’s crucial to address the underlying mental health issues that contribute to it.

Since 2012, PACE Recovery has treated clients with depression on an outpatient basis and, for those with depression and a substance use disorder, on either an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Depression Treatment Services

Our Inpatient and Outpatient programs incorporate a range of therapeutic modalities that address each client’s unique needs:

Outpatient Depression Therapy in Southern California

Chronic depression can control your life, hindering your ability to succeed in work or academics, maintain relationships and make decisions. It’s a complex mental health disorder, and the presence of other mental health symptoms and disorders such as addiction, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder requires a highly specialized approach. Additionally, our Outpatient services are designed to fit into our clients’ lives because we realize that inpatient treatment isn’t always an option. Features of our Outpatient depression treatment program include:
  • Individualized treatment. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan that incorporates programming that addresses issues related to mental health and/or substance use disorder.
  • Comprehensive services. Clients engage in services that help them better understand their symptoms and establish safe, healthy coping strategies.
  • Flexible design. Outpatient clients reside at home or in a sober living facility and participate in therapy sessions and other services at PACE Recovery for several hours each week, as determined by their treatment plan. This gives clients the freedom and flexibility to maintain employment, care for their families and keep up with other obligations.

Inpatient Depression Counseling for Co-Occurring Disorders

When a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder occur simultaneously, they are referred to as co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis. An estimated 7.9 million Americans experience co-occurring disorders, which can lead to negative consequences because each disorder affects the other.

Benefits of our Inpatient program include:

Life Without Depression Is Possible

Your symptoms don’t have to control you. PACE Recovery’s Outpatient programs are effective and designed to fit into your life. Contact an admissions counselor for more information.