Pace Academy

Established in 2012, shield-academy Pace Academy is designed to meet clients where they are at with their academic endeavors. An important part of recovery is establishing and finding routine, structure, purpose, and accountability. At Pace Academy we can help clients at various stages in their academic pursuits including high school diploma, GED, community college, 4 year university, graduate level courses, and the CAADAC (drug and alcohol counselor) program.

  • The goal is NOT to ace astrophysics, but instead to get back into a routine establishing accountability and responsibility for the student and allowing the brain to gradually acclimate to the learning process. It is about boosting self-esteem and self-worth of the client by successfully starting and FINISHING something (which many have not done in some time).
  • The student will learn in a highly structured environment with the support of a tutor that they will interact with weekly
  • Life Skills and Study Skills groups will be mandatory for the student to attend to help reintegrate them into life. The life skills group will focus on topics such as time management, budgeting, social skills, decision making, job interviewing, resume writing, etc. The study skills group helps students learn effective tools to learn from organizational skills, how to avoid procrastination, dealing and coping with a learning disability, time management, writing skills, etc.
  • The academy offers Career Assessment Inventory Testing to help the student narrow and focus their areas of interest to help them develop goals for possible career choices and areas of study for college or trade schools.
  • The academy offers a CAADAC track that is one of the most cost and time efficient in California. It can be completed in 18 weeks. Compare this to 2-year programs that can cost upwards of 10-15 thousand dollars. We offer weekly in class instruction in conjunction with the online learning modality.

Pace Academy is an integral part of our Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program, and helps provide young students with the tools necessary for future success. For more information on what Pace Academy has to offer, please contact us.

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