Social Anxiety in College

social anxiety in college

Countless movies and TV shows glamorize the college years as the prime of life, with ample opportunities for learning, growth and the formation of lifelong friendships. However, college can be overwhelming for people with social anxiety. Socially anxious people are more than shy or introverted – they have a pervasive fear of social interactions that can significantly hinder their success.

At PACE Recovery, we understand the unique challenges social anxiety poses for young men and offer tailored academic programs to help you get back on track.

The Impact of Social Anxiety on College Students

Social anxiety can manifest in various ways among college students, profoundly affecting their relationships and ability to do well in school.

  1. Difficulty making friends: The fear of being judged or rejected can make initiating and maintaining friendships challenging, leading to isolation.
  2. Reluctance to speak up in class: Students may fear public speaking, contributing to discussions or asking questions, which can impede their learning and participation.
  3. Avoiding presentations and group projects: These essential components of many college courses can become insurmountable obstacles, affecting grades and academic progress.
  4. Withdrawing from social activities: Clubs, intramural sports and extracurricular activities enrich the college experience, but these can feel inaccessible for students struggling with social anxiety.

Social Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders

The link between social anxiety and substance use disorders is well-documented. Some people self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to alleviate the distress associated with social interactions. While these substances may temporarily reduce feelings of anxiety, they can lead to a host of new problems, including dependency, worsening anxiety and impaired academic performance. Recognizing and addressing this cycle early is crucial in preventing long-term consequences.

PACE Recovery’s Academic Programs

Understanding that a dual diagnosis of social anxiety and addiction can create significant educational roadblocks, PACE Recovery has developed specialized academic programs to support young men in their pursuit of college degrees.

  • Safe, sober recreation: PACE Academy students have opportunities to socialize without the pressures associated with the typical college party culture.
  • Therapeutic services: Access to therapy and counseling will help you address the root causes of social anxiety and develop long-term management strategies.
  • Academic counseling: Our team sets students up for success by teaching them study skills as they resolve learning challenges and explore career opportunities.
  • Peer support: Building a community of support among young men who share similar experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

Overcoming Barriers to Success

Social anxiety should not dictate the limits of your academic and social potential, especially during the formative college years. You can regain control of your life with guidance and resources from certified addiction specialists and master-level therapists at PACE Recovery.

We help young men break through the barriers imposed by social anxiety and substance use disorder, enabling them to excel academically, forge meaningful relationships and build a foundation for success. Reach out to us if your dual diagnosis has prevented you from achieving your academic and personal goals.