Somatic Experiencing

A way for victims of trauma to “reset” their fight-or-flight responses and reduce physical symptoms associated with PTSD.

Somatic Experiencing to Treat Trauma

Trauma can happen to anyone. We sometimes think of conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as affecting the military or first responders. However, when you experience a traumatic event or situation, you may also experience symptoms that can affect your mental or physical health.

Trauma and Its Effects

Trauma can happen when you experience an event such as a car accident, an act of violence, or a natural disaster. It can also impact your life when the trauma is an ongoing event, such as abuse or neglect. When you witness or participate in a traumatic event or situation, you may experience PTSD for months or years to come.

Men have reported physical symptoms of PTSD, including:

Emotional symptoms often appear as:

Traumatic events that result in PTSD can cause you to turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to cope with your symptoms. Substance use is a common result, leading to even more challenging issues.

Somatic Experiencing

A proven therapy for trauma treatment is Somatic Experiencing. An innovative, holistic approach for men who have experienced trauma and the resulting physical or emotional symptoms, Somatic Experiencing helps you reset your nervous system.

The idea behind Somatic Experiencing is that, after experiencing the trauma in your life, your body freezes up and is not able to respond appropriately to future stimuli. Typically, when faced with a traumatic situation, you will experience a “fight or flight” reaction. When you are not able to fully process either response, you typically “freeze.”

Somatic Experiencing helps you address the trauma that remains in your body and in your mind, enabling you to work through the symptoms of anger, guilt, or shame. The therapeutic approach focuses on your physiological responses to the trauma in addition to the emotions connected to it. You will be able to free yourself of the trauma experience so you can heal physically and emotionally.

Helping Men Overcome Trauma Since 2012

At PACE, we treat men who are experiencing mental health disorders as well as addiction. We will help you work through your PTSD so you can heal in an inspired and supportive environment. The professionals at PACE treat you holistically, focusing on healing your mind, body, and soul.

Your trauma symptoms are not in control of your life. You are. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you work through your PTSD and trauma-related issues through Somatic Experiencing.