Individual Therapy

Lay the groundwork for lifelong sobriety through one-on-one therapy sessions with a counselor specializing in addiction recovery.

Located in beautiful Orange County, CA, PACE Recovery Center is a gender-specific addiction recovery facility offering residential and intensive outpatient programs for young adult men. Individual therapy is an integral part of every substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment plan, since it provides clients a chance to address personal concerns in a one-on-one counseling environment. Together with credentialed addiction specialists and master-level therapists, clients work on complex issues that require in-depth discussion outside of a group setting.

Benefits of Residential and Outpatient Individual Therapy

At PACE Recovery Center, we believe that successful recovery begins with getting to the root of an addictive or behavioral health disorder. Too often, men are ashamed to earnestly discuss their feelings and experiences, so individual counseling allows clients to share their story in a non-judgmental environment. In addition, individual therapy sessions provide a scheduled time for clients to:

Residential & Outpatient Individual Therapy Programs

rug use, alcohol use, and behavioral health diagnoses take a heavy toll on every facet of your life: family, employment, personal, and relational. Taking each of these into account, PACE’s experienced therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, behavior modification, and integrative approaches to usher residential clients and IOP participants through each recovery phase.

Residential & Outpatient Individual Therapy Programs, Established in 2012

In a state-of-the-art facility located near the Southern California shore, PACE Recovery Center clients experience the power and serenity of recovery. Begin your individual journey with our accredited counselors and clinicians today: call 800-526-1851 to discuss insurance verification and admissions procedures.