Three Tips To Maintain Your Sobriety During The Holiday Season


The holidays are a time for celebration and joy but for many recovering alcoholics and addicts there can be unforeseen relapse triggers. The following is a list of tips which can help you maintain your sobriety while enjoying the season.

    • Holiday Parties – Take a sober friend with you and always make sure to have your own transportation. This will allow you to have support and provide you with a safe and reliable means of leaving the party if you become uncomfortable. Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage and practice what you will say if an alcoholic drink is offered. Responses such as “I am not drinking tonight” or “I don’t drink anymore” are good things to say that can help to reduce any anxiety you may experience when you are offered a drink.


  • Take Care of You – Make sure to eat regularly and get enough rest. Watch for depression or anxiety and make sure to utilize any support systems you have in place. Attend extra meetings, talk with your sponsor, or speak with your counselor about any issues that arise. Use the program slogan HALT to remember not get to hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.



  • Help Others – Helping others makes us feel good and is an important part of the recovery program. There are many ways to help others during this time of year for instance you could participate in a toy drive, volunteer at a local soup kitchen, or attend more meetings.


These tips can help you to identify and avoid relapse triggers and maintain your sobriety during the holiday season.  Wishing you a peaceful and healthy holiday season.