Young People In Recovery – The Sky’s The Limit

Young people, who find that they have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, often discover themselves in a position that can be hard to believe or accept. They know that help is required, but they say to themselves, “I’m a young person, how can I live the rest of my life free from all mind altering substances?” When a person forms a relationship with a chemical substance, like any serious relationship that is unhealthy, it is extremely painful to break that tie, even though their future depends upon it.

Recovery, if it happens, occurs at different times in people’s lives. Some people do not address the problem until they are middle aged, while others’ addiction progresses so quickly that intervention is necessary much earlier. Young adults in need of addiction treatment often find it unfair that they cannot use drugs and alcohol in the same way that “normal” people do; that is mind altering substances are all consuming for them. What’s more, it can be difficult for them to believe that anything is possible as long as they refrain from using drugs and alcohol – that the sky’s the limit.

It is often said in programs of recovery, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens;” unfortunately, the reality is that many young people will relapse before that are able to enjoy the gifts of addiction recovery, and it can take years for some to turn to recovery again. Thankfully, that is not always the case, young people can recover, maintain their sobriety for years and years to come, and achieve what they would of once thought was impossible.

Michael Botticelli, is a perfect example of a person who battled with the demons of addiction as a young adult, found recovery, and went on to achieve great things. For those who may not be aware, Botticelli went from alcoholic to the President’s “drug czar,” the Director of National Drug Control Policy. Yes, that’s right; the person in charge of how we, as a nation, address addiction is himself in recovery.

Botticelli has been alcohol free for 27 years, after a driving under the influence arrest. The judge gave him the option of treatment or jail – he chose the former. Now, he manages a $26 billion budget across 16 government agencies, CBS News reports. Botticelli believes that we need to bring addiction out of the shadows, breaking the stigma and changing the language.

Please take a moment to watch an interview with Director Botticelli on 60 Minutes. His personal story is remarkable.

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