About Orange County’s Addiction Treatment for Men

shield-aboutAt PACE Recovery Center, we believe in empowering our clients to fulfill their own particular dreams. We believe that Positive Attitudes Change Everything. Our trained addiction treatment staff will help our clients identify their specific recovery goals, and help them achieve them. Long-term sobriety is more than simply not using alcohol or drugs, it is about living life. Helping our clients develop life skills, educational or vocational goals, not only teaches them about responsibility and accountability, but also helps improve their self-esteem. Offering a gender specific program for men allows our clients to cope with the societal pressures that are placed on men. Too often, men are forced to minimize their feelings. There is a misconception that men are not supposed to have feelings. PACE has created an environment where men are allowed to express their fears, sadness, shame and guilt in a non-judgmental environment. The men of PACE share their own experience, strength, and hope with one another. We are not only an internationally recognized addiction treatment center, but also a brotherhood of men sharing the common goal of sobriety.

PACE Recovery Center is a safe, sober and supportive environment where men can create their own identity. Studies show that a positive peer group is one of the most effective tools in helping a substance user maintain long-term sobriety. The program is located in beautiful Southern California. Clients are able to walk to the beach, where they can reflect on their life choices. Our talented staff helps clients target and set goals for all the different aspects of their lives they want to improve and helps them create effective change.

Our Mission

At PACE Recovery Center, our mission is to provide our clients with a safe and supportive environment to help them overcome the challenges they have experienced due to alcohol and drug abuse. We believe that incorporating sound clinical interventions and a lifestyle that encourages health and wellness, in a shame free setting that encourages accountability and responsibility, will help foster long term recovery.

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