Documentation of Extenuating Circumstances

documentation of extenuating circumstances

An extenuating circumstance is any situation or condition that provides a reason for an action. This expression was originally legal terminology for instances that partly excuse a criminal offense and make the resulting consequences less harsh.

The concept of extenuating circumstances can apply to a wide range of situations. For example, many employers and educational institutions would typically frown on people who want to take a prolonged leave of absence from work or school to go on a vacation. However, they would likely be more amenable to you using the time to get help for a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health condition.

Reasons to Seek Treatment Now

Because addiction is a chronic and progressive illness, it will eventually affect all areas of your life, including your responsibilities as an employee or student. Many people with worsening substance use disorders find they are unable to hold a steady job or stay enrolled in school. By asking for help before these unfortunate circumstances befall you, you stand a better chance of succeeding with your goals and rebuilding damaged relationships with people who may be more forgiving than you expect.

Still, completing a treatment program doesn’t automatically wipe your slate clean of any behavioral issues that may have resulted from your drug and alcohol use, such as unexplained absences or erratic mood swings. Your friends, teachers and colleagues will likely be near the top of the list of people you’ll need to make amends to after returning home.

Rebuild Your Life at PACE Recovery Center

You might hesitate to pursue addiction treatment because you’re unwilling to put your life on hold for at least 90 days while you complete a residential program. At PACE Recovery Center, we will gladly provide documentation of extenuating circumstances to facilitate your re-entry into school or work.

Addiction is a multifaceted disease that affects your body and mind. If you’re living with substance use or a co-occurring disorder, you deserve the chance to regain your health in a compassionate environment. Recovery is possible, but you can’t do it without help. Our programming allows you to restart your life in a setting that is conducive to addressing all facets of your mental and behavioral well-being.

PACE’s extended inpatient program supports long-term recovery via a gender-specific, clinically sophisticated treatment approach. The goal of our men’s-only young adult program is to prepare clients for a healthy, balanced life outside residential treatment. Through education, psychotherapy, 12-step work, integrative health and physical healing, you will gain a more comprehensive insight into the underlying cause of your addiction.

Our accredited team is waiting to speak to you and help you experience the freedom and fulfillment that come with lifelong, purposeful sobriety. Reach out to our admissions counselors to start your journey to wellness.