PHP for Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety and depression are separate mental health conditions, but they frequently co-occur. Symptoms such as irritability and insomnia characterize both disorders, which can complicate your diagnosis and interfere with your quality of life. Fortunately, these illnesses are treatable with a combination of therapy, lifestyle changes and specific medications. Partial hospitalization is one option you might want to consider if you want to improve your mental health while remaining at home.

What Is Partial Hospitalization?

A partial hospitalization program is a level of care that provides a safe, structured setting without requiring you to move into a residential facility. PHP can treat anxiety, depression and other mental and behavioral health conditions.

PHP is an educational experience that teaches people to cope with their emotions and develop life skills in a supportive environment. It allows clients to continue enjoying the comforts of home while attending treatment and establishing a foundation for lifelong wellness.

Benefits and Goals of PHP Treatment

At PACE Recovery, we have designed our PHP treatment program to help you learn how to manage your anxiety or depression while juggling work, relationships and other responsibilities. Your goal is to acquire new coping skills to identify triggers and deal with challenging emotions, while developing alternative, healthier responses.

The benefits of a partial hospitalization program are:

  • Participation in individual and group therapy
  • Access to a qualified team of mental and behavioral health specialists
  • Opportunities to forge new relationships, which can help you combat loneliness and isolation
  • Comprehensive education about mental health issues
  • More time to work through your challenges and focus on holistic wellness

What Happens in a PHP for Mental Health?

PACE Recovery’s mental health programming includes individual and group therapy, vocational and educational workshops, skills training, prescription medication management, family counseling and neuropsychological testing. Our clinicians will work with you to determine the most effective therapies and develop a PHP treatment plan tailored to your needs.

PACE’s internationally recognized addiction treatment center offers evidence-based therapies and clinical treatments that help young men identify and achieve specific recovery goals while preparing for productive, independent living.

Cutting-Edge Mental Health and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Our staff of master’s- and doctorate-level clinicians, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists administers PACE’s CARF-accredited mental health treatments. With decades of expertise and firsthand experience with behavioral health and substance use disorders, PACE’s staff has a shared philosophy that effective treatment must target underlying issues of accountability, self-esteem and self-worth to result in long-term change.

At PACE, our gender-specific programs help male clients cope with the unique societal and personal pressures placed on them. We’ve intentionally created a judgment-free atmosphere that encourages young men to share their feelings, improve their mental health and heal from trauma. Contact us to learn more about our programming and verify your insurance coverage.